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Wholesale Men's Satin Vest and Tie Set / Chaleco de Satin con Corbata para Hombre.


Size: XS - S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL

kt-02 blush sequin men vest set vs-278 paisley

KT-02 Dusty pink/black

Size: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL

newSequin Vest

silv, red, gold, royal, blk

newCK-VS278 (Paisley)

Available in 10 Different Colors




kt-02 vest turquoise kt-02 brown kt-04 bowtiie royal blue

KT-02 Turquoise

KT-02 Brown

KT-04B Bow tie

available in different colors

for boys and mens

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kt-02 vest turquoise kt-02 fuchsia kt-04 tie only

KT-02 Aqua

KT-02 Fuchsia

KT-04T Tie only

available in different colors




kt-02 lilac kt-02 lime green kt-02 vest set beige

KT-02 Lilac

KT-02 Mint

KT-02 Beige

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kt-02 orange kt-02 coral kt-02 pink

KT-02 Orange

KT-02 Coral

KT-02 Pink




kt-02 plum kt-02 purple kt-02 red

KT-02 Plum

KT-02 Purple/black

KT-02 Red

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kt-02 royal blue kt-02 silver kt-02 teal green

KT-02 Royal blue/black

KT-02 Silver

KT-02 Teal green




kt-02 white kt-02 yellow kt-02 vest turquoise

KT-02 White


KT-02 Yellow

KT-02 Baby blue

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kt-02 burgundy kt-02 navy blue kt-02 gold

KT-02 Burgundy


KT-02 Navy

KT-02 Gold




kt-02 peach kt-02 black  

KT-02 Peach

KT-02 Black

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