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Wholesale Infant Shoes for Baptism / Zapatos de Bautizo por Mayoreo para Niños y Niñas.



beamsion cotsion blush cotsion silver

newDF-BEAMSION (size 1-4)









cotsion black cotsion gold hironess silver







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liddy rosegold liddy silver liddy gold

DF-LIDDY rosegold




DF-LIDDY silver DF-LIDDY gold
wacyty white shoes letsion infant shoes kb-170ks

DF-WAYLOR (size 5-10)

ivory, silver




DF-LETSION (size 1-4)

KB-170KS (size 6-10)

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waylor white chloe infant shoes chester 5-10

DF-WAYLOR (size 5-10)

DF-CHLOE (size 1-6)

available in WHITE




DF-CHESTER (size 5-10)




mazonsion sonia df-justice baptims shoes

DF-MAZONSION (size 1-4)




SONIA (size 5-10)




DF-JUSTICE (size: 5-10)

ivory only

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tammy zoety jan-14ks

TAMMY (size 5-10)


ZOETY (size 5-10)




JAN-14KS (size 5-9)
limaty infant shos acoma shoes ivory color fu3-880ks

DF-LIMATY (size 1-4)

available in ivory only




DF-ACOMA (size 5-10)



FU3-880KS (size 5-9)

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fu3-63ks df-chester crib infant shoes

FU3-63KS (size 5-8)

sold out



out of stock

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