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Wholesale Kids Shoes for Baptism and First Communion.

Zapatos para Niñas y Niños de Bautizo y Primera Comunion por Mayoreo.



way-waylor bloom black ches-blk-boy-shoes

newWAY-WAYLOR (size 11-4)


Sizes: 9-2 (18prs)


newCHES (size 11-4)




jack boy shoes 11-4 k01-010km first communion shoes boy shoes 11-4

newJACK (size 11-4)

** Available in black **



PILL (size:11-4)

newKB-170KM (size:11-4)
k01-014km first communion shoes jan-14km lid rosegold

VIDA (size:11-4)

newJAN-14KM (size 10-4)




DF-LID rosegold (size 11-4)

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lid gold lid silver kb-170km

DF-LID gold (size 11-4)


DF-LID silver (size 11-4)


KB-26KL (size:2-6)

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jora first communion shoes novel communion shoes kb-17kl

JORA (size 11-4) 18prs





DF-NOVEL (size 11-4) 18prs

KB-17KL (size:2-6)

Available in sizes: 9-1



yoda girl shoes tanya girl shoes kb-28km

YODA (size 9-4)


TANYA (size 9-4)


KB-28KM (size 11-13)

Available in sizes: 1-4

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fu3-880km note 150-90gkm dodo shoes

FU3-880KM (size 10-3)

NOTE (size 9-4)




150-90GKM (size 10-4)



k3-302km gj-collection k05-02km k109-13km silver

K3-303KM (size 9-4)




K05-02KM (size 9-4)




K109-13KM (9-4)

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yoda girl shoes 150-64gkm dodo shoes h43-89km

YODA (size 9-4)




150-64GKM (size 10-4)

Available in white



H43-89KM (size 9-4)

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